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Found: My Muse.

I admire ideas that sweep you off your feet- they are a rush of fresh air when we are down in the pits and in need of intervention. I found my intervention in a revamped idea for an old story that had gotten stale in the prewriting stages. Maybe because I am back in the mood to obsess over things- typical summer behavior is the ability to be infatuated by the stuff that which, well, infatuates me(animation, namely.... the fact that I just signed on for Netflix is not going to help this situation.) Never-thee-less, I find myself at the foot of a mountain again. A little shaken after taking the first step, hoping I won't turn back, praying that there will be footholds along the way. I'm ready to write something that I hope someday will make its way out into the big, cruel world and perhaps bring it hope.

My baby, my first fantasy novel begins life here in it's infancy. And I think this one's going to take me for a ride.

You. I would rather enjoy escorting you to a gay bar.