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Les Miseranimals

Going through Youtube yesterday I had a spaztic fangirl attack when I saw this- it's part of an Animaniacs(yes, the old Steven Spielberg cartoon) episode called "Les Miseranimals". It pokes fun at the musical using cats and dogs. They did a pretty cute job of parodying the songs in Les Miz too....it's even got a Sweeney Todd reference or two thrown in there for extra points(musicalluv!):

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

So *apparently* the French revolution started because....there wasn't enough meat to make meatpies with so they had to use cats 0_o Runt-Valrunt and the Javert/bulldogonsteroids killed me.

"I am definately, definately Runt-Valrunt....definately" and "At the end of my fork is an unknown food product" = lolz.
You. I would rather enjoy escorting you to a gay bar.