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When I set goals for the summer they always seem end up lost in the proverbial couch cushion of procrastination. One thing that's been getting me down recently is the fact that I can never seem to finish what I start, whether it's a writing project, simply reading a novel, cooking something new I had planned on making.... I'm starting to hope that one day soon I'll grow out of my ADHD or whatever this is causing me to give up on tasks. Especially writing tasks. They say the key to being a successful writer is having the perseverance to finish something. I completed one short story that I posted in my facebook notes. But everything else I've started on writing-wise this summer has been a jumble of genuinely good ideas that I lose hope on within the first page. Somehow I'll find my motivation. I just have to think positively, pull my mind out between those cushions of failure and dispair, and look forward to bigger and better things.

I did finnish SOMETHING else this summer, at least:
I finally completed an ancient iMovie fan video for Slumdog Millionare with Coldplay's "Yellow". It's short but I tried to capture the essence of the couple's relationship- Jamal + Latika- throughout the film. I find their story one of the most inspiring of any couple's in film history. The single line you're skin, oh yeah, you're skin and bones turn into to something beautiful gave me the idea for this little project. Although it may be regarded as a physical change from girl to beautiful woman, I think it is more of a testament to Latika's inner change. She becomes a stronger person because of Jamal's love and devotion to her- she becomes beautiful within, not weak or frightened anymore.

This little project also reminded me how much vid making has changed on youtube. I used to be sort of active in the community of people who would make AMVs and such, and many still do. Nowadays it's a huge competition to see who has the fanciest effects- I'm not saying that's a bad thing since many of these are actually very good looking and very entertaining to watch. But everyone seems to have sort of strayed away from doing really strong storyline vids the way we used to. It doesn't matter much, but oh how times change quickly.

I needed some creative restimulation, so I've returned to LJ. Hopefully I'll find something worth staying for.
You. I would rather enjoy escorting you to a gay bar.


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