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So it's a little late. So I didn't feel like typing it again.....


The San Antonio production= fabulous! Sara Jean Ford was as wonderful as predicted, I absolutely adore her voice. In my opinion she's a “fresher” sounding Christine than some of the more recent performers I've heard. My father, seeing the show for the first time, almost busted a gut laughing at Anderson and Winant as the managers. It was a clean run and I felt like the cast was really in the swing that night.

Well we didn't get Jason. Stephen Tewksbury played the Phantom for that entire week and I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very unique portrayal; the guy sounds like a real opera singer. His singing style has a more classical feel to it... a little different from most Broadway performers. I ate it up XD His “floating, falling, sweet intoxication” almost gave me a seizure. Such a powerful, powerful voice. It just resonated and was incredible. From what I've heard of Jason Mills on YouTube and elsewhere I'm really glad we got to see Stephen instead. True, the recordings don't do much justice to the voice, but comparing the two I'd have to say this understudy just owned it all the way. He packed in so much emotion and definitely deserves his props. His final lair scene was my favorite that night; Stephen really outdid himself here. I love how he gave it that the cocky, mocking feel without being sloppy about it. He kept his tone very nice and consistant while giving it the same amount of emotion. I had do keep myself from laughing at his “the world showed no “COMPASSION” to me!”. He sounded like a whiny six year old- it was adorable. All in all, he may not be my favorite Phantom but he's certainly won a high place on my list. I know he took on the role in Kentucky this year. Did anyone else get to see him?

Greg Mills is now my favorite Raoul of all time! I don't think I'd ever felt so much for the character until I got to see Greg portray him. God, his voice is gorgeously sweet...I'm absolutely in love with him. Nothing not to like as far as I'm concerned. As much as I hate to admit it I think he's turned me into a Raoul hugger. I would have killed to see him play the Phantom though....seriously....killed.... Yep, he had to be my favorite that night.

I told myself I wasn't going to cry about a million times while we were waiting in line to get inside. And of course I ended up bawling at the AIAOY reprise. I was the only one blowing my nose in the merchandise line at intermission. My dad says I'm going to have to take some major Prozac the next time I see the show XD

Just a random thing: the guy that sat in front of me wouldn't quit scratching his head for, oh I don't know....the ENTIRE FIRST ACT. He actually had his wife scratching his head for him a couple times. Ugh, he must have had some pretty bad dandruff. He would stop like clockwork though whenever he heard me start cracking my cup of Sprite- a general warning sign that means “if you scratch at ANY point during this next scene I'm going to fucking maim you”. Whether it was violent telepathy or the Sprite, he got the point and didn't scratch at all during the second act. It was a bloody miracle.

Now to continue my recovery from post-show depression.....


I do love Tewksbury so! Here's one of the few recordings I could find of his performance- this one was from the Louisville production which, I think, was the stop before San Antonio this year:

-Vive, Queenie
You. I would rather enjoy escorting you to a gay bar.


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Apr. 1st, 2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
Stephen Tewks
Tewks did not take on the role in Louisville, I saw Jason there. However, Tewks did u/s the role a few times there. Also, that recording is from 2006.
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