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WHAT are you DOING to your CHILD?....

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*creepy voice* We could be best friends..... and you don't even know it yet :D

Oh hai! I love meeting new peoples. Mayhaps I should explain myself. Lists do this well. Sooo, things that describe me:

-Complacent with my underachievement
-Friendly(on most occasions) :3
-Mildly hyperactive
-Hungry on a constant basis
-Lazy, like, to the max
-A Bohemian revolutionary
-Closet genius
-Movie buff
-Random viral video quoter in social situations
-Usually offensive/inappropriate
-Easily amused
-Easily infuriated
-Easily obsessed with things
-Easily the best English muffin pizza maker in the United States

"One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation." - Oscar Wilde

solene renault

A lover of all things artsy, animated, animal-ish and otherwise magically delicious.

acting, adele, adrien brody, african tribal music, american pit bulls, andrea bocelli, andrew lloyd webber, animal behavior, animated movies, animation, anime, aria books, austria, baked cheetos, bambi, baroque culture, barricades!, beyonce, bizet, black beauty, black butler, british comedy, british people, british rock, cafe du monde, carmen jones, carmen the opera, cartoon saloon, cecilia bartolli, chocolate chip muffins, classic animation, classic films, classical music, coffee, coldplay, cooking, creative writing, critiques, dave matthews band, deviantart, disney, dog shows, drawing, edith piaf, emily bronte, endurance riding, england, europe, family guy, fandom crack, foreign film, foreign travel, france, french literature, french pastries, fresian horses, full metal alchemist, gerard butler, gone with the wind, harry potter, hayao miazaki, hetalia axis powers, historical fiction, horseback riding, hot pants, house m.d., house of blues, howard mcgillin, hugh laurie, hugh panero, idina menzel, ipod, jack russell terriers, japan, japanese culture, japanese language, jesse spencer, johnny depp, josh groban, julia child, kathy griffin, kittens, kuroshitsuji, lady and the tramp, lattés, les miserables, lipizzaner horses, lord of the rings, mamma mia, masks, meatpies, micheal crawford, monk, monty python, mozart, music theory, new orleans, nicole kidman, oliver and company, opera, oscar wilde, ouran host club, owls, paris, patti lupone, pavarotti, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pie, pink, playbills, prussia, ralph fiennes, reading, red foxes, regina spektor, scarlet johanson, singing, siskel and ebert, sophia coppola, starbucks, stephen sondheim, studio ghibli, sushi, sweeney todd, the black keys, the chronicles of narnia, the french quarter, the holy grail, the lion king, the nostalgia critic, thoroughbred racing, threadless, tobey maguire, tom felton, united kingdom, verdi, victor hugo, victorian culture, vienna, viggo mortensen, vintage art, voltaire, writing, youtube